Through our close cooperation with our partners, we are able to provide to our clients a wide variety of Legal, Accounting, Tax and Audit services, specially tailored as per the individual requirements of the clients.

Our lawyers have had long experience in working in banking sphere of Armenia, and we realize the importance of timely and duly rendering the banking services to the clients. We have the experience to handle the following:
• assistance in loan arrangements and security for credit,
• negotiating with banks for resolving the amicable agreements,
• opening and maintaining accounts for corporate clients and physical persons,
• drafting of legal opinions and memorandum,
• providing legal opinions on loan and other banking agreements.

Through Cyprus, local and international banking collaborations we offer our corporate clients, a complete and comprehensive range of banking assistance including but not limited to:
• opening personal accounts and/or corporate accounts,
• private banking,
• credit and/or debit card facilities,
• electronically managed accounts (internet banking).
Depending on the size and nature of the business, level of control and/or ownership, complexity of structure and tax implications, we render:
• effective cross-jurisdictional corporate structures involving multi-level structures,
• corporate structuring for new business ventures,
• corporate expansion or reorganization of existing operations,

as well as:
• submitting conclusions, recommendations and legal opinions on the corporate issues,
• performing Due Diligence of the Company,
• registration (formation, restructuring, liquidation) of different types of companies, subsidiaries and associations,
• representation in State Registry Office of legal entities,
• establishment and liquidating the branch offices and representations,
• state registration of increasing and reduction of chartered capital,
• legal research of the agreements,
• drafting of all types of corporate documents (constituent instruments, charters, shareholders agreements, etc.); Preparation of personal agreements, contracts, offers,
• preparation of payment inquiries and handling negotiation process for the Client (before applying to court).
Formation of companies in the following (but not limited to) jurisdictions:
• Republic of Armenia,
• Cyprus,
• Switzerland,
• Luxembourg,
• Hong Kong,
• Seychelles,
• Marshall Islands,
• Belize,
• British Virgin Islands and other jurisdictions.
Fiduciary and administrative services outside Republic of Armenia.
Our services coverage includes, but is not limited to the following in Republic of Armenia as well in Cyprus:
• due diligence (evaluation of legal risks) on the acquisition or sale of a real estate,
• assistance in real estate valuation,
• assistance in legal formalities and tax related matters,
• drafting, negotiating, interpretation and review of all the documents related to the acquisition or sale of the real estate, property sale-purchase agreement and etc.,
• real estate litigation,
• post-acquisition services in Cyprus such as assistance in immigration matters.
Through our associates we can provide our clients with the following services, both locally and internationally:
• advise on complex arbitration clauses,
• advise on the conflict of laws issues,
• act as a legal counsel in arbitrations in any seat, under any law, and before any tribunal,
• enforce and resist enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments,
• debt collection in courts of general jurisdiction, appeal and supreme courts.
We represent clients in litigation before the civil and administrative courts of Armenia. We represent the interest of our clients at state and regulatory agencies as well:
• representing lenders and borrowers in connection with multiple complex litigation actions arising out of a large deal (with representation in appellate and supreme court),
• representing lenders and borrowers in connection with bankruptcy litigation court cases (with representation in appellate and supreme court),
• reaching the settlement agreement between sides and approving the settlement decision with court verdict,
• advising the Creditor on legal proceedings regarding not appropriate behavior of Bank on civil court case according to Lending Agreement between Bank and Creditor,
• representation in State Commission on protection on Economic Competition.
In the field of Copyright Law, we render the following services:
• analyses and drafting of the license, copyright obtaining agreements, submitting legal opinions,
• providing the legal consultancy during the Film Production process, analyses and preparation of the agreements,
• drafting the contracts with producers,
• negotiating regarding copyright and neighboring rights (in relation to other organizations),
• providing legal opinion regarding copyright and neighboring rights, property and non property rights,
• advising client on Movie Production legal issues, including the drafting, preparing of the whole legal package of agreements, opinions package for the Client,
• trade mark registration and legal consulting.