Legal support for real estate projects

Legal support for real estate projects

We specialize in real estate issues, ensuring that proper procedures are followed during the acquisition or sale of property. Our lawyers are fully equipped to prepare and review documents relating to purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents, and transfer documents.

One of the most important aspects of real estate deal is when money is paid and the title is transferred. So, fully understanding that it is one of the most crucial point in the deal, our lawyers can ensure this process to handle smooth, binding, and in the best interests of the client.

During the purchase of a property, our real estate lawyers might prepare documents, write title insurance policies, complete title searches on the property, and handle the transfer of funds for the purchase. 


Our services coverage includes, but is not limited to the following in Republic of Armenia as well as in Cyprus: 

  • Due diligence (evaluation of legal risks) on the acquisition or sale of a real estate;
    Assistance in real estate valuation;
  • Assistance in legal formalities and tax related matters;
  • Drafting, negotiating, interpretation and review of all the documents related to the acquisition or sale of the real estate including council of ministers’ approval application (for a non-EU country), property sale-purchase agreement etc.;
  • Real estate litigation;
  • Post-acquisition services in Cyprus.

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