Search and protection of assets

Search and protection of assets

When do you need the Asset Search service? 

● search for the debtor’s assets (asset tracing); 

● protection of the assets as interim measures; 

● measures for the return of assets using judicial and other procedures (asset recovery).

What are we looking for? 

● Finance 

● accounts, securities, 

● Real estate (commercial, plots, houses, apartments) 

● Transport 

● cars, planes, helicopters 

● Luxuries 

● paintings, jewelry, antiques 

● Corporate ownership 

● shares, shares, offshore companies and trusts 

● Intellectual property 

● brands, trademarks, copyrights

Where are we looking? 

● Registers of legal entities, movable and immovable property (Republic of
Armenia and abroad); 

● Court decisions, press reports, social media and blog data; 

● Local market participants, employees associated with the debtor.

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