Opening a business in Armenia

Civil litigation

Do you have an existing business in a third country or do you intend to open a new company in Armenia? With us you will easily understand all the nuances and save time and resources necessary for the development of your business.

Starting a business in Armenia: 

● Company registration in Armenia

● Individual entrepreneur in Armenia

● Bank account in Armenia

● Accounting in Armenia

● Tax optimization in Armenia

Doing business in Armenia opens up broad prospects for entrepreneurs or foreign investors from all over the world: access to the European and international markets, support from the state and local municipalities, the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for the whole family, and many others. In a spirit of openness and cooperation, 

Advantages of starting a business in Armenia:
● the absence of strict frameworks and restrictions in doing business on the part of
the state and society;
● legal protection/framework;
● the right to receive benefits for paying taxes (including in IT sphere);
● Absence of double taxation for most European countries;
● the possibility of acquiring a residence permit and French citizenship for the founder and his entire family.

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